“We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.”

~Robin Williams

Once we attempt to puzzle together a living room layout, I hope that some fabulous burglars do stop by for some design tips. Sadly, Aunt Joanie passed away just before the holidays. Aunt Joanie was Alex’s Great Aunt. I always like to sit next to her during Thanksgiving dinners or any family meal and chat. She was surprisingly sharp and tech savvy for a lady in her late 80s and had a good sense of humor about her. 

After she passed we stopped by her house to help clean and move things out. As I was surveying her 19060s living room, Alex’s grandma looked around the room and exclaimed, ‘She took forever choosing what she wanted for her living room – the wallpaper in particular!!’ I laughed to myself; Aunt Joanie and I have that in common then! It’s so hard to choose colors and furniture for the living room! 


We were happy to receive some of her living room furniture, like this Bergère chair. Until I figure out a more permanent place for it, I think she would approve of us showing it off in the bay window and I’m happy to have something of hers to remind us of her spunk and spirit.