If you pop into one of the tiny artist shakes that dot Provincetown’s MacMillan Pier you’ll find beautiful and simple wood carvings by Geoffrey Semonia. He’ll be sitting there, just carving and painting away. Geoff will take a custom order and ship it out about 2 months after it's completed. When I got ours in the mail, I was so excited that I called him right away to thank him.  He laughed saying that at first he thought he had made an error with my order and explained that only few people have ever taken the time to call and say thank you. I’m especially happy and thankful for Geoff’s art and to have a little piece of Commercial Street next to my front door.  

Address Sign:

And while you're knocking on my front door, admiring my pretty little golden pineapple and numero "4", you might get another happy dose of pineapple by looking down at your feet! My sister Katie gave us a pineapple mat and I love it. You know you're getting older when you're excited about a simple mat motif. Thanks to Katie for spreading the pineapple love and helping me to welcome friends at out door. 

Welcome Mat: