When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When you forget about the bananas on the kitchen counter and they go brown, you bake banana bread! Even though I love banana nut bread, I’ve never bought bananas to make banana bread and part of the reason why banana bread is so great. 


Only a few recipes have stuck with me over the years and this banana nut recipe is one of them. Alex asked if I could add chocolate chips to the batter and as tempting as that was, I couldn’t bring myself to change it. I can find another recipe to add chocolate too. This one is delicious just the way it is. 



If you pop into one of the tiny artist shakes that dot Provincetown’s MacMillan Pier you’ll find beautiful and simple wood carvings by Geoffrey Semonia. He’ll be sitting there, just carving and painting away. Geoff will take a custom order and ship it out about 2 months after it's completed. When I got ours in the mail, I was so excited that I called him right away to thank him.  He laughed saying that at first he thought he had made an error with my order and explained that only few people have ever taken the time to call and say thank you. I’m especially happy and thankful for Geoff’s art and to have a little piece of Commercial Street next to my front door.  

Address Sign:

And while you're knocking on my front door, admiring my pretty little golden pineapple and numero "4", you might get another happy dose of pineapple by looking down at your feet! My sister Katie gave us a pineapple mat and I love it. You know you're getting older when you're excited about a simple mat motif. Thanks to Katie for spreading the pineapple love and helping me to welcome friends at out door. 

Welcome Mat: 



Alex and I spent our snow day with our pup, Chief Brody, in Bowden Park. 




I have a mild obsession with cookie cutters.  I recently found this amazing cookie cutter site called The Cookie Cutter Shop and I made out like a bandit. Since buying all these fun little cookie cutter shapes, I was thinking of more ways to use them and decided to test out their agility with a batch of homemade marshmallows. Valentines Day was approaching so I busted out the hearts, stars, and gnomes!


Homemade marshmallows are a thousand times better tastier than you’d imagine a mallow could be and equally as great in coffee, as in their go-to of hot coco. I highly recommend all of the above.

Cookie Cutters:

Coffee Mug:



“We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.”

~Robin Williams

Once we attempt to puzzle together a living room layout, I hope that some fabulous burglars do stop by for some design tips. Sadly, Aunt Joanie passed away just before the holidays. Aunt Joanie was Alex’s Great Aunt. I always like to sit next to her during Thanksgiving dinners or any family meal and chat. She was surprisingly sharp and tech savvy for a lady in her late 80s and had a good sense of humor about her. 

After she passed we stopped by her house to help clean and move things out. As I was surveying her 19060s living room, Alex’s grandma looked around the room and exclaimed, ‘She took forever choosing what she wanted for her living room – the wallpaper in particular!!’ I laughed to myself; Aunt Joanie and I have that in common then! It’s so hard to choose colors and furniture for the living room! 


We were happy to receive some of her living room furniture, like this Bergère chair. Until I figure out a more permanent place for it, I think she would approve of us showing it off in the bay window and I’m happy to have something of hers to remind us of her spunk and spirit. 



There are few things in life that are unconditionally sweet as a dog.

Meet Chief Brody, our new pup!  Alex and I adopted him from the local SPCA where he caught my eye when a volunteer trainer was walking him. I fell hard when he shyly asked me for a belly rub.  Love at first sight.  He’s the sweetest little gentleman with the biggest brown eyes. When he looks at me it’s insist heart melt, every time. 

SPCA Shelter Angels:




I had the pleasure of dressing up the Anthony Family's Thanksgiving Day table this year. My favorite part of setting the table was twisting the velvet ribbons around the loose chestnuts and pears.




Today is the 2-year wedding anniversary of my good friends, Amanda and Steve, and also the anniversary of my company’s first wedding flower design. Amanda asked me to be her floral designer and also to be her maid of honor. Not realizing at the time how crazy it would be – to be in two places at once and on a wedding day no less, I happily accepted! How often do you get to arrange a bouquet and the next day hold it standing proudly behind your best friend while she says her vows? So happy I took on the crazy challenge. Amanda was the most calm and gracious bride I’ve ever had the honor to stand next to and design for. I still compliment her to this day.


I’ll never forget transporting all their flowers into Alex’s car and hauling them in the 8 hour drive to her hometown in Ohio where we met her welcoming and supportive family that graciously helped to unload the tightly packed car into our hotel room, which I quickly transformed into a temporary flower design studio. I worked all week to prep, condition, and design and had the best time. By the time it came to do the delicate work of tying ribbon onto the boutonnières the morning of the wedding, my hands were so raw and sore from all the handling that I had to call in my friend Doreen to help. Lifesaver. That’s one wedding I unfortunately did not have time for a manicure when I most needed one. My skin and nails were cut up and stained various shades of light green. Luckily, the role of maid of honor comes with a prop and my bouquet covered my hands.


About a year after their wedding, I was visiting them when she presented her dried bridal bouquet. I didn’t know that she had planned to dry the flowers but all her mom did was hang them upside down at the house and forget about them. It was a treat to see how beautiful the flowers dried. I love the natural contrast of colors the blossoms faded into so much that I asked Alex to snap some photos.